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Finger Join & S4S

Finger Joint Laminated Boards offer a solution to increase the shortage of solid timber panels. These strips are finger jointed after color matching to the desired lengths and then edge coated with special resins which can withstand boiling water tests. Finger Joint Lamination add subtle contrasts, texture, and design to the surface of our rubber



Plywood was the first type of engineered wood to be invented. It is made from thin sheets of wood veneer, called plies or veneers. These are stacked together with the direction of each ply’s grain differing from its neighbors’ by 90° (cross-banding). The plies are bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives, usually phenol


Non woven

Welcome to the world of nonwovens. Nonwoven is a product of human innovation. Products which we using daily. Nonwoven has many special properties which some of them are hidden and cannot be seen them straightly, yet its contribution to the modern human being is unquestionable. There are more possibilities in nonwovens than we have ever

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